Cold seasons bring coziness and big part of it comes from warm and beautiful clothes. Therefor we will share with you our best fashion trends for autumn-winter 2018-2019.

This year autumn and winter will be filled with a lot of color, fancy details and motives. We, Choice team think, that is a very good idea to refresh your winter wardrobe with compelling styles.

On our webpage and shops the rich choice if styles will give you a great opportunity to find yourself and your dream style in our new collection.

Choice clients know that most important for us are quality yarns. For 20 years our designers are not making any compromise when selecting yarns and materials. Collection Autumn-Winter 2018-2019 combine not only classic 100% Merino wool and other high procentage wool blends, but so trendy this season bucles, moulines, viscose blends and mixture with alpaca, mohair and wool.

Colors like white, black and grey never get out of fashion and are always must in each winter wardrobe- colours radiates elegance by women and class by men; easy to combine and showing your style.

Natural colors always bring elegant lightness. The color softness make everyone to fell in love with it.

Contrast colors like- lila, royal blue, yellow, orange and rasberry red…with this trend we break the boredom in cold months, not only by coloring our mood but coloring our wardrobe as well.



Since long time knitwear is not only a basic pullover or a cardigan. There for our collection include big variation of long and short cardigans, basic and fancy sweaters, troers, poncho, turtleneck, dresses, scarfs and hats. This year as well we show most trends jacquards, stripes and intarsias. Add note mystique and show your fashion flair with suitably selected patterns for your style in autumn and winter.

Women Fashion trends in knitwear:

Structure knittings
Volume pullovers










Complicated intarsias and jaquards

Turtleneck with high collar


Volume knitted long cardigans and coats
Big collar










How to combine our products this season:

Combine vest KH 121853 col. Beige with fancy sweat pants, boots, fashion cap, sport bag and good mood!
Cardigan KH 121877 col bordeoux is a great pick with black body and jeans. Must accessory is lipstick in bordeoux!























Busy day?- then put your trust on poncho KH 141804 col petrol blue. Easy to combine with jeans, sneackers and work bag
Dinner end of the day? Turtleneck KH 141805 col mustard is perfect choice for great experiances after long day. With pleat skirt, coat, high boots and small bag- your evening will be warm and to remember.



















 Men Fashion trends in knitwear:

Structure knitting









Biker style











Basic style









How to combine our products this season:

Enjoy late autumn walks with warm cardigan KH 551851 col green, what you needto add is just a trousers, t-shirt and comfortable shoes.
Busy day at office? Feel comfortable with pullover KH 531805 col green easy to combine with jeans, shirts and sneackers.





















Each official occasion is supplemented well with shirt KH 531608 col red. Can be wear under suit, combine with right shoes and good mood.
Cardigan OML 18/3 col black is made for sport fans- warm and comfortable. Easy to combine with sport trousers, t-shirt and sneackers.